Welcome to Musician’s Notes! This blog is all about sharing my notes (pun intended), thoughts, and recommendations as I embark on a journey to take my own musicianship to the next level. I am passionate about guitars, keyboards, gear, music theory and music production and I hope that you are too. We live in a wonderful era where so much information is available online that it could be overwhelming at times. Which guitar type or model is more suited for beginners? Do you really need a guitar teacher to learn guitar? What are some of the most recommended guitar gadgets you could get online? In this blog I will answer these questions and many many more, and let me promise you this: whatever recommendation I make comes from my own personal experience. Oh, and as far as honesty – some of the links on this website may be “affiliate links” which means I may be getting a few cents if you eventually make a purchase. Unfortunately this is highly unlikely to make me quit my day job but hopefully this will help cover the cost of running this website.

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Will G.